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Does Hemp Oil Get You High?

Does Hemp Oil Get You High?

Does hemp oil get you high? In short, no, you cannot get high from hemp oil. There are many misconceptions surrounding this oil, given that it comes from a plant similar to marijuana. So what is hemp oil? And if it doesn’t get you high, what is the point of taking it?

Read on to learn more about the side effects of hemp oil and why you won’t get high from it, no matter how much you consume.

Why Won’t Hemp Oil Get You High?

To understand why you won’t get high from hemp oil, you first need to understand where the oil comes from.

Where Does Hemp Oil Come From?

Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds, which come from the hemp plant. Also known as cannabis sativa, this plant is the same species as the marijuana plant, but a different variety. This is key to note for many reasons, but especially because the hemp plant variety has only a minuscule amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This psychoactive chemical compound is what creates the high that is associated with marijuana. But since the hemp plant does not contain significant amounts of THC, there is no way the hemp plant can get you high.

Still skeptical? To put it in perspective, marijuana plants can contain up to 30% THC, while hemp plants can only contain up to 0.3% THC. This trace amount is so insignificant, it won’t have any psychoactive effect.

What Is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD?

Many people use the terms hemp oil and CBD interchangeably. Even manufacturers are throwing CBD on the label of hemp oil, when the oil may not actually include any CBD at all.

So let’s set the record straight: CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound similar to THC but without the psychoactive effects. CBD can only be found in the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant, but not the seeds. Since hemp oil comes from the seeds and CBD oil comes from the stalks, flowers, and leaves, only CBD oil contains CBD.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full-spectrum hemp oil is another name for CBD oil, which only adds to the confusion. This is because this oil is derived from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant — not just the seeds.

If you’re looking for pure hemp oil, look for products that contain only cannabis sativa seed oil. And if you want to try full-spectrum hemp oil, the ingredient should list cannabidiol or CBD.

What Is the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

Many people hear about hemp and CBD and are hesitant to give it a try because of the association with weed, stoners, and getting high. CBD and hemp oil both come from the hemp plant — but how do they relate to marijuana?

In short, marijuana and hemp plants are both members of the same species known as cannabis sativa; however, hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC (the chemical responsible for getting you high), while marijuana can contain up to 30% THC.

What Are the Side Effects of Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil comes in a few different varieties. The type of hemp oil you buy will determine the benefits and side effects you may experience. Hemp oil does not require a prescription and is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. But everyone is different, so be sure to consult your doctor before deciding to try hemp oil.

Side Effects of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is well-known as a superfood packed with healthy omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid. There are very few cases of side effects that come along with consuming pure hemp oil that is derived from the hemp seed. However, here are some of the rare side effects you may experience as a result of consuming hemp oil:

  • Overindulgence in the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in hemp oil can contribute to cardiac dysfunction.
  • Those prone to gastrointestinal troubles may experience diarrhea or stomach cramps when consuming hemp oil.
  • Applying hemp oil to the skin may result in irritation or a rash for those with sensitivities or allergies.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil has many medicinal benefits, but as with any drug, there is a risk of side effects.

If you’re consuming full-spectrum hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, you may experience possible side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Mood changes
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite changes
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

How Does Hemp Oil Make You Feel?

As we’ve discussed, there are different types of hemp oil, and the type you consume will determine the effect it has on you. Hemp oil that comes from hemp seeds is not known to have any immediate effect on your mood or how you feel overall. This healthful oil can result in increased health over time, but you will not feel noticeably different when taking it.

CBD oil or full-spectrum hemp oil, on the other hand, is popular for its ability to ease anxiety, increase focus, and help you fall asleep faster. Most people who take CBD oil report feeling more focused, relaxed, and less stressed. CBD oil can also reduce many types of pain and physical discomfort, as well as boost your mood.

Is Hemp Oil Safe To Take?

Yes, hemp oil is safe to take. Hemp oil with or without CBD is legal across the United States and does not require a prescription. However, if you have any questions or health concerns, it’s best to talk to your doctor before you give hemp oil a try.

If you’re applying pure hemp oil to your skin, we recommend testing a small patch of skin to make sure you do not experience any irritation or other undesirable effects. As with all drugs, it’s best to play it safe before consuming hemp oil in frequent or large amounts.


    How Can You Consume Hemp Oil?

    There are many ways to consume hemp oil. You may choose to buy products containing hemp oil, such as skin care products, beauty products, drinks, and more. You can also buy hemp oil and apply it directly to the skin, or add it to your favorite recipe. Some common culinary uses for hemp oil include adding it to soups, smoothies, or salad dressings.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to consume hemp oil, you can try hemp oil supplement pills, or drink 1-2 teaspoons a day.

    Learn More About CBD

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